Home Collection

Home Collection

Purity of functional design

The Helinox Home Collection is a blend of cutting edge technology and artistic creativity.

Good design has its own aesthetic appeal. The Helinox Home Collection of chairs, tables and cots appeals to those discerning individuals who appreciate the inherent beauty of superior design and the sheer pleasure of enduring functionality.

Many items from the Helinox Outdoor Range are available in the Helinox Home Collection. Color choices and material options reflect a more sophisticated urban lifestyle.

At Home...

Bulky and heavy old style furniture inhibits free spirited living.

Items of furniture that are light to move and compact to store bring a new level of flexibility to life at home.

Helinox leads the outdoor adventure world, setting the new standards in compact storage and lightweight functionality. The Helinox Home Collection brings those same advantages to everyday living.

Small spaces become large when furniture that's not required right now can be stored out of sight. Spontaneity is released to stimulate your creative urges.

A sudden change in living arrangements is not a problem. Moving house becomes simple. No rented storage needed during that extended trip away.

Helinox Home Collection creates flexible freedom. Life at home is easier and more enjoyable. Live the way you want!

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Home Collection

Indoor or Outdoor

Great weather outside? Take advantage of the season by moving your Helinox furniture outdoors. It's so light and easy to move – you can recreate your lounge room on the patio in no time.

Home Collection

On the patio...

‘Alfresco’ means ‘casual’ and ‘free’ as much as it means ‘outdoors’.

Today's homemaker furnishes the patio in a style to suit the event.

The romantic dinner for two has style with space. The larger party crowd needs more furnishing for your guests to feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed.

Move things around. It takes no effort. Items not required right now are simply stored in a cupboard.

More time is available to enjoy the good things of life because Helinox Home Collection makes living easier.

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At the beach...

Helinox outdoor adventure gear is already the beach favorite.

Take some real comfort to the beach. A restful chair with a sand free place for your beach essentials is now easy - super light and compact.

Helinox Home Collection adds color and style to reflect the joyful pleasure of time near the sea.

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Home Collection

Travel in style...

A stylish carry bag just 30 cm contains your ticket to comfort wherever you roam. Chair Home weighs less a kilogram and is super compact when travelling. Carry it anywhere!

Finest materials

Helinox Home Collection is created within an environment of uncompromised high technology.

Only cutting edge materials that perform better than less costly alternatives are considered.

The Helinox Home Collection features the same standard of material quality that applies to Helinox outdoor equipment – gear that is tested in the world's most remote and toughest environments.

At home you'll enjoy the pleasure that comes from using furniture designed to provide reliable service, year after year.

Home Collection