Home Collection Chairs

Helinox is the award winning iconic outdoor adventure brand that made sitting comfort in remote wilderness areas a reality.

Helinox's range of Home Collection Chairs bring the same design excellence and functionality to the home – for everyday use.

Chairs that are first comfortable, but also light to carry and compact to store, bring spontaneity, flexibility and relaxation to the home. They're easier!

The selection of Home Collection Chairs range from super compact to full size lounge style (there are even chairs for the children).    

Helinox Home Collection Chairs bring flexibility to home furnishing in a range of materials and colors to enhance your personal decor.

Chair One Home

Helinox developed the world's first chair able to survive harsh conditions in the wilderness yet still be light and compact enough to carry in a backpack. The comfort and function of Helinox Chair One inspired many awards for design excellence. The same functional excellence is the basis of Chair One Home.

Helinox Chair One Home brings people together in that relaxed, more intimate and less formal zone closer to the floor (Chair One Home seat is about 27 cm or 11" off the ground).

Chair One Home is available in an inspired range of interior designer materials to enhance your home theme. Add color and flexibility to your home decor with furniture that can be easily moved or stored out of sight to suit the occasion.

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Instant Patio Furniture

Friends drop in, the sun is shining – why not enjoy the moment outdoors? Helinox chairs are easily stored, taking up very little room and are a breeze to setup. Sit where you want!

Chair One Home Mini

Every child deserves to have a special place.

Children are most comfortable and settled when things are familiar. Helinox Chair One Home Mini gives children their own special space wherever they are – at home, camping, visiting family . . .  anywhere.

The vibrant colors of Chair One Home Mini ensure instant appeal. Helinox quality ensures that your child's favorite place will remain much loved for a very long time.

Chair One Home Mini is an item of quality design in a range of materials and colors to enhance your own living decor. Give a young mind the contentment of a special place to grow.

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Sunset Chair Home

Comfort remained at the very top of the priority list as the Helinox Sunset Chair advanced through the various design & testing phases.

Comfort doesn't need to be compromised just because the chair is being used outdoors…

“How did they ever create such a comfortable chair that is so light in weight and so easy to store?”

A high backrest supports the resting head to enhance the simple pleasure of relaxing in a comfortable chair that can be easily moved or even stored away.

The Sunset Chair Home seat is a soft canvas material in a range of stylish colors to enhance the theme of your personal home decor.

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Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference. Choose items that complement and personalize in your own style. Helinox offers a range of chair accessories to enhance your enjoyment.

Seat Warmers add “cosy” to “relaxed”. Resting should be warm as well as comfortable. Helinox Seat Warmers are down & feather filled to keep the chill away and enhance the comfort of your Chair Home.

Ground Sheets “float” chairs above soft ground & sand. Sitting is better on soft beach sand than in it!

A Cup Holder keeps the refreshments close at hand. A place for everything you need.

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