The bed that can disappear

Many things changed when Helinox created sleeping comfort for outdoor adventurers.

A bed that can be collapsed into a very small lightweight parcel has benefits wherever you are – in the wilderness, on the beach, in your own garden, on the patio or inside your home.

Helinox Home Collection Cots provide the advantage of a comfortable bed that only consumes space when it is needed.

Pack it away when you need the space for living. Store it out of sight ready for that unexpected guest.

Home Collection Cots are available in fabrics to enhance your personal style and decor.

Cot Home

Helinox Cot Home liberates usable space in the home. The occasional bed can now be out of sight until needed for that unexpected overnight guest.

Furniture required for a good night's sleep now doesn't have to take up valuable floor space during the daylight hours. The luxury of a good night's sleep is now a reality – for everyone.

Uncomfortable and bulky foam is the crude option. The human body is elegant and needs an elegantly designed sleeping platform to ensure rejuvenating time out.

Helinox Cot One was designed for sleeping. It is comfortable, providing support in all the right places. The unique bonus is that it can be put away until you need it.

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Portable spare bed

Hospitality sometimes means an extra sleeping body under your roof.

The floor may be OK for the young and for those that have shrunk your stock of wine. Your other guests deserve better.

Helinox Lifestyle Cots are designed for quality sleep – much more conducive to rejuvenating rest than a couch designed for sitting or a crude block of foam.

The added bonus of Lifestyle Cots is that they take up minimal space when folded and stored away.

Keep one in the linen cupboard – keep two or three or four… they need very little space.

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