Outdoor Line

Outdoor Line

Lightest. Strongest.

Is it strong enough to do the job? Is it light enough to carry?

Those are the big questions when it comes to outdoor adventure equipment and it can be hard to find gear that answers ‘yes’ to both.

Helinox provides you chairs, tables, cots and trekking poles that are both strong and light – thanks to the technologically advanced alloy TH72M.

Developed by DAC to meet the demands of ultra-lightweight expedition tents, TH72M achieves the ultimate combination of maximum strength with minimum weight.

Trekking Poles

Walking with poles brings many benefits - not just the added stability.

Using the correct technique gets the upper body muscles active, turning a walk into full body excercise. This in turn helps propel you forward more effeciently, meaning you'll travel faster with no increase in effort from your legs.

Helinox offers the world's lightest and strongest trekking poles thanks to the revolutionary TH72M alloy. Whether you're enjoying a casual day walk or an ardous multi-day wilderness trek, there's a Helinox pole to help propel you further, get you fitter and help you travel faster.

Outdoor Line

Wherever the road less travelled leads you...

Helinox has the gear to make your camp site a home. Light, compact, easy to assemble and engineered for a long service life.

Outdoor Line

Camp Chairs

From your own backyard to the remote wilderness, there's a Helinox camp chair to suit your next adventure.

For those who've never had the luxury of a comfortable rest at the end of long hike, Chair Zero is super compact and so light you'll barely notice you're carrying it.

Looking to save space and weight in your 4WD or RV? Helinox Camp Chair & Sunset Chair are just a fraction of the packed size of regular bulky camp chairs. 

Discover the Helinox advantage:

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Amazingly small & light to carry

Camp Tables

Restore the pleasure of dining in the wilderness with a superlight portable table.

Prepare food at a comfortable height, up off the ground. Dine without the juggling of plates, cups and implements on your knees.

Keep valuable items such as phones, cameras and GPS units at a safe height.

Super light, super compact and super convenient!

Outdoor Line
Outdoor Line

Camp Cots

After a long day of outdoor adventure, nothing – absolutely nothing – is more appreciated than a good night's rest.

The Helinox range of camp beds get you up off the ground for a good night's sleep. Up & away from sharp rocks, lumpy ground, crawling critters and unhealthy dampness.

Unique lever locking systems provide excellent tension to the bed surface. Not too hard, not too soft. The robust TH72M frame means a packed weight of just 2.7 kilos for our biggest cot.

Wake up refreshed and relaxed, ready for a new day's adventure.

The anywhere bed...

Helinox camp cots provide a comfortable night's sleep no matter your location. The small pack size opens up new new possibilities in the places you can take a portable bed.

Engineered to last

All Helinox gear is crafted from the very elements available.

Super strong TH72M alloy frames bring the benefit of light pack weight. High-strength nylon hubs connect frame poles securely. Quality fabrics combined with robust stitching ensures seats and beds will go the distance.

You can rely on Helinox gear to provide many years of enjoyment in the world's most remote and beautiful places.

Outdoor Line