Lightweight Camp Chairs

Lightweight Camp Chairs

Rest your back!

Helinox revolutionised the portable chair market with the launch of Chair One in 2012. Now this award-winning icon of lightweight design is joined by a variety of other Helinox chairs to suit a wide range of applications.

Never had room to carry a camp chair? Chair One and Chair Zero offer previously unthinkable comfort the hiker, mountain biker, sea kayaker or touring motorcyclist.

Struggling with heavy & cumbersome chairs?At just 50 cm long, Helinox Camp Chair is half the packed length of most quad-fold chairs. Forget chairs that weigh as much as 5 kg, Sunset Chair (our heaviest) weighs under 1.5 kg and holds 145 kg.

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Lightweight Camp Chairs

Super Compact

Small pack size is feature common to all Helinox chairs. Across each field of application Helinox chairs are the most compact available.

For those wanting to carry a chair in a backpack, Chair Zero has a packed length just 35 cm and weighs only 510 grams. Ground Chair tips the scales at 640 grams and a compact packed length of 30 cm.

If carrying gear in a vehicle is more your style, you'll find Sunset Chair and Camp Chair to be less than half the packed length of typical quad-fold camping chairs. 

Don't think light weight and compact size equals light-duty either – most Helinox chairs are rated to carry 145 kilograms!

Our lightest chair ever - Chair Zero

Weighing just 510 grams, Chair Zero is a revolution in ultralight comfort for hikers and adventurers watching every gram. Enjoy a comfortable rest wherever your travels take you!

The best materials

DAC TH72M Alloy

This advanced alloy that provides maximum strength with minimum weight. Alloy sections are treated using a 'Green Anodising' process – better the environment and the factory workers.

High-strength Nylon 66

Hubs and joining components are moulded using a high-strength nylon. This provides solid and secure sockets for the alloy sections.

Quality fabrics

Premium fabrics are combined with reinforcing panels and durable stitching – producing seats, beds & carry bags that won't fall apart in the wild.

Lightweight Camp Chairs

Which camp chair for you?

Assembled height: Packed length: Weight: Capacity:

Chair Mini

For Young Children
44 cm 25 cm 500 grams 90 kg

Ground Chair


Outdoor Events
50 cm 30 cm 640 grams 120 kg

Chair Zero

64 cm 35 cm 510 grams 120 kg

Chair One


Two Wheel Touring
66 cm 30 cm 960 grams 145 kg

Chair One L

Two Wheel Touring

Four Wheel Touring
72 cm 37 cm 1160 grams 145 kg

Chair One XL

Four Wheel Touring

RV Camping
89 cm 47 cm 1610 grams 145 kg

Chair Two

Two Wheel Touring

Four Wheel Touring
84 cm 42 cm 1185 grams 145 kg

Swivel Chair

Sketching & Art

Nature Watching
70 cm 40 cm 1280 grams 120 kg

Camp Chair

Four Wheel Touring

RV Camping
84 cm 50 cm 1335 grams 145 kg

Sunset Chair

Four Wheel Touring

RV Camping
98 cm 47 cm 1475 grams 145 kg

Beach Chair

Beach Use
83 cm 47 cm 1485 grams 145 kg

Lounge room comfort anywhere

Helinox chairs take up so little space you can leave them permanently in your vehicle. Then they're on hand for that quick roadside break or evening meal watching the sunset.

Lightweight Camp Chairs

What's your activity?


Chair Zero is so light & compact you'll barely notice it in your pack. Ground Chair doubles as a geat hiking chair and the perfect seat for outdoor festivals that restrict chair height.

Two wheel touring

Whether your cycle is engine-powered or human-powered, Chair One is the original and best choice for portable comfort on a bike tour. Chair Two gives the option of slightly wider & deeper seat with a higher back.

Four wheel touring

Why carry bulky camp chairs that chew up space in the SUV or RV? Sunset Chair and Camp Chair will save space and weight in your vehicle while providing a comfortable rest at the end of the day. Chair One L (Large) and Chair One XL (Extra Large) are also suitable options.

Follow the action

Swivel Chair's unique base rotates through 360 degrees, enabling you to follow the action at a sporting event, keep an eye on the wildlife, or refer to the view you're sketching.

Follow the sun

Beach Chair is a special adaptation of Sunset Chair. The splayed legs are designed to work on sand. The lower seating position enables you to sun your legs while taking a nap!

Just for Kids

The little ones should have their own comfortable seat too. Chair One Mini is perfect for children ages to 2 to 6. Made from the same quality materials as all other Helinox gear, Chair Mini is a gift built to last.

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Seat Warmers

Filled with duck feather, these seat warmers keep the chill at bay on cool evenings. Available to suit Chair Zero, Chair One, Swivel Chair and Ground Chair.

Ground Sheets

By spreading the load over a larger area, the Ground Sheet prevents chair legs from sinking into sand or soft ground. Very effective and easily packed into the chair's carry case.

Rocking Feet

Currently available for Chair Two only, these curved feet transform your camp chair into a rocking chair.


Inflatable head rests are a great addition for Chair Two, Beach Chair and Sunset Chair.

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Lightweight Camp Chairs