Nature can be civilised...

When cutting-edge ultralight technology is applied to the comfort items we take for granted at home, nature can be enjoyed with less hardship.

Helinox portable tables are super compact, very light and are designed to compliment our range of lightweight camp chairs.

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A table for two anywhere you like!

Add to your enjoyment of the great outdoors with a super compact portable table. Stop juggling plates on knees and keep your drinks close at hand with Table One.

Table One

Table One weighs less than 700 grams and is a natural partner for Chair One and Chair Zero camp chairs.

Prepare food with things off the ground for easier access and less chance of spills. Eat your meals in style without the "juggling" that distracts the pleasure of dining.

Assembles very quickly in unique Helinox style - shock cord technology helps locate the poles into each other and the hubs.

The centre of the table features two recessed cup holders to help avoid spills. If any spills do occur, the strong mesh surface material makes clean-up easy and minimises drying time.

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Table One Hardtop

Featuring a folding hard top, this version of Table One is great for keeping delicate and valuable items safely off the ground - cameras, mobile phones, GPS navigators etc.

Use your laptop or notebook in comfort thanks to the extra rigidity of the hard top. 

The hard top features several rigid sections that are sewn into a fabric pockets, enabling the top to concertina for storage in the carry bag.

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Compare Tables

Table One Table One Hard Top
Assembled Packed Assembled Packed
Length: 60 cm 41 cm 60 cm 40 cm
Width: 40 cm 11 cm 40 cm 13 cm
Height: 39 cm 11 cm 39 cm 12 cm
Weight: 690 grams packed 970 grams packed
Capacity: 50 kg
Frame: TH72M alloy by DAC

Table One is a Red Dot Design Award winner.