Tactical Range

Tactical Range

The Tactical Advantage

The Helinox Tactical Range was developed to meet the needs of a very special breed of adventurer – those brave souls who risk their own harm to keep us safe.

Originally developed for the military and police, the Helinox Tactical Range of gear is now available to the adventurer who appreciates functional equipment with a services tone.

When gear must perform

Equipment that meets the ultimate challenge requires design excellence with a clear focus on performance. ‘Reliable’, ‘robust’, ‘enduring’ describe the Helinox Tactical Range.

Many items available in the Helinox Outdoor Range are also available in the Helinox Tactical Range.

Some functional aspects are enhanced and the range is identified with camouflage patterns and military hues.

Whether you're planning your next tour of duty, hunting trip, scoping wildlife or blending in while camping, the Helinox Tactical range of chairs, tables, cots and umbrellas will enhance your time in the field.

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Tactical Range

Blend in with nature

Whatever terrain you frequent, the Helinox Tactical range has gear to help you blend in. From subtle foliage green to coyote tan. From classic multicam camo pattern to solid black. The choice is yours.


Military officers are trained to look after themselves in the field. The safety of troops often relies on the officer making good and quick decisions.

Hard earned experience has proven that regular food and adequate rest produces better decisions.

Taking a comfortable chair into the wilderness might not change the lives of those around you. It will, however, help make you more alert and better able to enjoy the natural environment where you've chosen to spend some time.

Tactical Chairs were created by Helinox to help maintain physical and mental capability in field conditions. Ultra lightweight and compact but sturdy and very comfortable.

Luxury is only indulgence when it has no purpose!

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Tactical Range
Tactical Range


A chair without a table is just a place to rest.

Tactical Tables were created by Helinox to provide the necessary functional platform that makes the Tactical Chair a field office.

Tactical Tables bring the necessary field items to hand and off the ground. Navigation/communication items sit at just the right place.

Of course, Tactical Tables are also the very best place for food and drink.

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Tactical Cots

The safety of troops in action often relies on the leader making good and quick decisions. Experience has proven that better decisions are made when fatigue is not a factor.

Military officers are trained to take care of themselves in the field. To eat and rest regularly. Getting a good sleep can be elusive in field conditions. It can be an even greater challenge when the pressure is on.

More comfort means an easier and more restful sleep. Tactical Cots were developed by Helinox to improve sleeping comfort in the field. 

Taking a comfortable bed into the wilderness might not change the lives of those around you, but it will definitely add to your enjoyment of nature.

Your selection from the Tactical Cots range will help you remain alert and better able to experience the energy of nature.

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Tactical Range


Keeping the soldier dry in wet weather is pretty easy - just issue some lightweight water resistant clothing. 

Keeping it possible for the soldier to function effectively in the rain requires a bit more.

Today's soldier has access to a lot of technology. Some of it doesn't enjoy getting wet.

The Helinox Tactical Umbrella was developed to provide a rain protected work area. A place where rain vulnerable items can be exposed and used.

Planning for battle is only one application. Cooking meals, reading or sending messages are all better under an umbrella when the rain is falling.

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Tactical Range