Tactical Cots

Tactical Cots

The essential good night's sleep

Military officers make quick decisions that can cost lives. Good decisions require an alert mind. Officers are trained to take care of themselves in the field. Regular rest is essential – however getting a good sleep can be elusive in field conditions. It can be an even greater challenge when the pressure is on.

Tactical Cots

Tactical Cot Convertible

The Helinox design team was tasked to create a dry, comfortable sleeping platform to improve the quality of sleep in the field for military personel.

The solution had to compact to a realistic backpack parcel. The result is the Helinox Tactical Cot.

Helinox Tactical Cot Convertible features a unique lever-locking system for excellent tension to the sleeping surface. The Cot can be used with or without the optional extension leg kit.

Packed weight and size are kept to an absolute minimum, allowing you to remain alert and better able to experience the energy of nature.

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