Tactical Umbrellas

Tactical Umbrellas

Stay dry and breathe easy

About 300 million umbrellas are sold every year because umbrellas keep you dry better than rain jackets. The umbrella encloses a sheltered dome of dry air without the condensation and perspiration of water resistant clothing.

Delicate urban umbrellas don't survive in the harsh conditions of the wilderness. Helinox umbrellas are designed for just that role - light, tough and durable.

Tactical Umbrellas

Tactical Umbrella

Umbrellas can look completely out of place in the widerness. The Helinox Tactical Umbrella is right at home.

The Helinox Tactical umbrella is fit for purpose. Subdued colors and camouflage patterns look completely at home in the wild.

The Helinox Tactical Umbrella was developed to provide a rain protected work area for the military and services. A place where rain vulnerable items can be exposed and used.

Planning for battle is only one application. Cooking meals, reading or sending messages are all better under an umbrella when the rain is falling.

An umbrella is the instant “mini tent” that doesn't enclose you like a jacket hood. The Tactical Umbrella allows air to circulate. It doesn't feel so congested.

The Helinox Tactical Umbrella keeps you dry but still connected to nature – not hiding from her to avoid one of her minor inconveniences. 

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